12W LED Driver Power Supply Transformer for LED Strip Lights DC 12V 1A


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This item is for indoor use only.  LED drivers are designed to achieve the optimum life from 12v LEDs. 
It is strongly reccomended to change your current electronic 12v transformers to LED drivers when thinking of converting to LEDs.  
Model No: TS-090
Input Voltage: 85-265V ~ 50Hz 0.1A
Output Voltage: DC 12+0.5v
Output Power: 0.5-12w max
Output Current: DC 1A
Max Case Temp: 80°C
Max Ambient Temp: 40°C
Size: 9.00*4.00*1.70cm(L*W*H)

It is strongly advised not to exceed the 12w maximum rating for this LED driver.  Several LED bulbs can be run with one LED driver.  For this particular driver, we reccomend using 1w 3w 4w 5w 6w 9w 12w LED bulbs.  Just ensure the maximum total wattage of your bulbs does not exceed 12w.