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12V Dual Programmable Time Relay Module Relay PLC Board Cycle Delay Timer Module 2 Voltage Detection Control
Can be achieved by adjusting the timing of the joint action approach dual relay, two time relay can be independently timed pull respectively, can also be individually timed turns to pull, and can control the time of the relay by detecting dual voltage.
By using this product, you can control two loads simultaneously or alternately on and off, such as: single-phase motor control timer reversing all the way, or the way the timing Reversible DC motor, or two-way solenoid valve timing control work in rotation(controlled pneumatic), or two-way indicator turns off and so on. Multiple boards can be cascaded to achiece multi-channel timer turns off cycle.


Four digital tube display, three keys for easy operation, restore factory settings function.
High performance control chip for high stability and low power consumption.
The tube display can be automatically shut down, has power supply reverse connecting protection.
Dual time relay, adjustable timing range: 0.1-9999 minutes, can be single time or cycle and release; adjustable cycle number 0-999(zero for the infinite loop).
Each relay contacts for common point and normally open, normally closed point, a total of two sets of transformation.
Dual time relay can joint action in turn; multiple boards can be cascaded to achieve multi-channel timer turns off cycle.
Dual time relay can run independently at the same time, can use high level or switch trigger start mode(P-4).
Dual voltage detection control dual time relay, detecting voltage range: DC 0-99.9V.
All setting parameters can be stored after power off, and operates the last mode and parameters when power on.

Modes Selection:

P-1: A channel time (time) relay
P-2: B channel time (time) relay
P-3: A, B two way joint time relay (A first and then B, can recycle)
P-4: A, B two way independent time relay (A, B independent cycle time at the same time)
P-5: A, B dual voltage control time relay
P-6: Digital tube automatically turn off time and reset


Relay Voltage: DC 12V
Working Power: DC 10-16V
Voltage Detection Range: DC 0-99.9V
Error: (+/-)0.1V
Timing Range: 0.1-9999 minutes Adjustable
Cycle: 0-999 times Adjustable
Two way, each of a set of transformations(normally open/normally closed)
Contract Load: 10A/277V AC, 10A/30V DC
Contract Resistance: ≤100mΩ(1A-6V DC)
Mechanical Durability: >10 million times
Electrical Durability: >100,000 times (10A-250V AC)
Working Current: 18mA 12V, Min. Standby Current: 7mA/12V
Working Temperature: -40-85°C
Dimension: 107 * 48 * 17mm / 4.21 * 1.89 * 0.67in
Weight: 55g / 1.95oz
Package Included:
1 x 12V Dual Programmable Time Relay Module