12A 200W Adjustable DC DC Step Down Converter Buck module 4.5 30V to 0.8 32V Power Supply Module Board

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Type: non-isolated step-down module (Buck)
Dimensions: 70mm x 39mm x 31mm
Input voltage :4.5-32V ( please don't exceed 32V)
Output voltage :0.8-30V (continuously adjustable)
Output current :0-12A (Max.)
Output power: 100W, 200W (enhance heat dissipation)
Operating frequency: 300KHz
Conversion efficiency: up to 95%
Operating temperature: -40 to +85 °c
Short circuit protection: Yes (please try not to short-circuit)
Overtemperature protection: Yes (automatically shutdown the output)
Input reverse polarity protection: Yes (can not be prolonged reverse)
Installation: terminals, needn't solder
IN+: input positive
IN- : input negative
OUT+: output positive
OUT-: output negative


Voltage convert: 12 to 3.3V; 12V to 5V; 24 to 5V; 24V to 12V
DIY an adjustable voltage regulated power supply
24VCar Laptop power supply
Car LED power supply
Small power motor speed control
Power supply transformers
Industrial equipment buck
Batteries buck, and etc.

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1 x 12A 200W Adjustable DC-DC Step Down Converter Buck module 4.5-30V to 0.8-32V Power Supply Module Board