12 in 1 Digital LCD USB Voltage Current Meter Voltmeter Power Capacity Tester


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Product size: 65 x 24 x 14 mm

Package size:6×11cm

Net weight: 16g

Important Tips:

1)Backlit the default value is 10 seconds automatically shut down, if you need to close a backlight or normally open backlighting, please in double-click backlit screen button or click the button to adjust, thank you!

2)When the ambient temperature changes or the outside heat conduction to tester causes the current to not return to zero and the display shows 0.01A or 0.02A or otherwise,Please Hold on the key buttion then insert to USB Charger It can make the current temperature of the ambient current zero calibration,After the zero can more accurate measurements.And when in Zero calibration,the output can not have any load current consumption, so usb tester display 0.00A

3)Backlight default time is 10S time, through the key button, switch to the BL interface: 10S time interface, double-click or three-click to increase(+) time or decrease(-) time the backlight time ,and the same time  backlight switch "BL: OFF(time) ~BL: ON(time)1S ~ 59S range" Increase(+) or three-Click(-) after the reduction, then long press key is a continuous increase in the reduction.To meet the individual needs of users.

BL: 10S→ USB tester default backlight time is 10S, 10S automatically turn off screen brightness

BL: ON→USB tester backlight is on, always on

BL: OFF→USB tester backlight is off, there is no backlight


Package Included:

1 x Digital USB Voltmeter TesterV