100A AC 80 300V LED Digital Voltmeter Ammeter AC 110V 220V Power Energy Voltage Current Meter Charger Tester Detector Monitor

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Dimensions: 79 * 43 * 48mm / 3.1 * 1.7 * 1.9 in
Installation size: 76 * 39mm /3 * 1.5 in
Voltage measuring range: AC 80.0~300.0V
Current measuring range: AC 0A~99.99A, the current display resolution is 0.01A, when more than 100A, it will display for 100.0A
Active power range: when the "display range" within 0-10000W, the power display range is: 0-9999.9W ; when the "display range" above 10000W, the power display range is: 10000-22000W
Electric power range: when the "display range" within 0-10000KWH, the electric power display 9999.999 ; above 10KWH, the electric power display 00000.99KWH ; Maximum display is: 9999999KWH
Accuracy: 1%± 2 words
Measuring speed: 2 times/second
Working temperature: -10°~50°
Working humidity: 10~80%(No cream)
Working air pressure: 80~106kPa
Direct sunlight: NO


The voltage input (green) terminal and the current transformer secondary input (blue) wiring terminal wiring can not be wrong, otherwise the instrument will be damaged
This instrument is only applicable to the AC 50-60HZ mains power, can not be used for square wave, the inverter output and the correction is positive Hyun wave circuit measurement, or instrument will be damaged
The installation process can not be squeezed instrument meter LCD screen, otherwise there will be garbled / broken code situation

Package Include:

1 x Digital Voltmeter Ammeter
1 x CT


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