1 One Channel DC 5V 12V Latching Relay Module with Touch Bistable Switch MCU Control Expansion Board for Arduino


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Power supply to meet the scope , DC 12V,5V
The power required for the bypass diagram, although the protection circuit does not reverse, but does not reverse for a long time;
A slight heating of the product regulator is a normal phenomenon, and normal relay heat is normal during long working hours;
The relay load power gives a certain margin to avoid high power (about 2000W) and long working environment, which will have certain impact on the service life of the product.


Double panel design PCB;
The chip uses stable and reliable control, stable and reliable performance, strong anti-interference, does not cause false triggering, and the performance is better than CD4013;
The regulator has the ability to provide sufficient and stable voltage and has sufficient vents to ensure long-term stable and reliable operation of the product;
With anti-reverse protection diode power supply, the reverse power supply will not cause any damage to the product in a short time;
Use SONGLE's true relay control load to withstand 250V 10A (AC) and 30V 10A (DC) loads;
With touch switch as product test, product stability test directly;
The external trigger switch can also be triggered, and the product has good seat and lead connection, which is more convenient to use;
The trigger sensor module can also be used to make other triggers, as long as the trigger is valid, there are more functions to expand;


Power supply voltage: 12V (DC) supply current: greater than 100mA
Load: 250V 10A (AC) or 30V 10A (DC)
Life: 1 million times


Press the trigger button, the relay is locked, pressed again, the relay is off, you can also add a trigger switch and use a low level trigger.
Control electrical appliances, household lighting control, factory equipment control, current control and other small high-voltage power control products.

Package Included:

1x 1 Channel Relay Module
1x Trigger Line