TSL1401CL Linear 128X1 CCD Sensor Array with Hold Ultra Wide-Angle Lens Module


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TSL1401CL linear CCD module is a reliable quality products, after continuous testing, continuous improvement, and absorb a little bit of similar products in one, making our products more outstanding.
At the same time TSL1401CL using foreign original import TSL1401 chip, the signal processing circuit design is more perfect. Signal processing, low-pass filter; signal feedback level processing, high-pass filter; signal output stage processing, low-pass filter. Anti-interference ability greatly improved, and in the operational amplifier to increase the adjustable resistance, the output signal can be adjusted to improve the practicality.

Product Specifications:
Voltage: 3-5V
Size: 29mm X 29mm
Weight: 10.0 g

Pin Description:
1. VCC power supply is positive
2. GND Power ground
3. AO analog signal directly output
4. OUT analog signal processing output
5. CLK clock input
6. SI serial input, data start