Temperature Sensor Module Kit DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Waterproof Cable/NTC Thermistor Temperature Probe for Adruino


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DS18B20 Temperature Sensor
Pluggable terminal waterproof DS18B20 temperature sensor can be used in many places, such as soil temperature detection, hot water tank temperature control, waterproof DS18B20 temperature sensor must also be connected to a pull-up resistor can be used, for which we designed the converter to send use.
Temperature sensor supply voltage: 3.0V ~ 5.5V
Temperature sensor resolution: 9 to 12 adjustable resolution
Temperature range: -55 ~ +125 ° (lead can only withstand the highest temperature of 85 degrees)
Temperature Sensor Output Lead: Yellow (DATA) Red (VCC) and Black (GND)
Adapter Cables: DATA, VCC, BLK,
Suitable platform: for Arduino and Raspberry Pi
Package Include:
1PC x DS18B20 temperature sensor
1PC x pluggable terminal adapter
1PC x 3pin cable
NTC Thermistor Temperature Probe
This is the NTC thermistor temperature sensor module + probe. Widely used indoor, outdoor, greenhouse greenhouses and other temperature monitoring.
Working voltage: 2.2 ~ 12VDC
Working current: 0.5mA (maximum)
Range: - 30 ~ 120 °C
Measurement accuracy: ±2% (4°C ~ 50°C), ±3% (-15°C ~ 80°C)
B value: 3950K
R25: 10K ohms
Sampling resistance parameters: 10k ohm, 0.1%, 10ppm
Thermal line length: 1 meter
Output connector: standard electronic building block interface, 2.54mm-3P pin header
Ideal for UNO R3, MCU projects
Package Included:
1 x High Precision NTC Thermistor Temperature Probe 10K Temperature Sensor Kit 0.5mA DC 2.2V-12V 1M cable for Adruino UNO R3 MCU

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