5Pcs 0.3M NTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor 10K 1% 3950 Waterproof Probe Cable Length 30CM

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Stainless steel sheath and waterproof
Measurement range: -20 to 105 °C
Length of wire: 30cm
Size of probe: 5 x 25 mm
Output: 2 wires
Type: NTC 10k±1% 3950
measure environmental temperatures using with FOR arduino ADC and this 10k NTC LINK
Resistance to temperature conversion table LINK
B-constant : 3380K -/+ 1%
Typical Dissipation Constant 5mW/ °C
Probe insulation: >100MOhm
Peak Voltage sustain time: 2 seconds, AC1800V 1mA 2 seconds
Stress sustain: 9.8N (1kgF) for 1 minute no deformation
Package Included:
5 x NTC Thermistor accuracy temperature sensor 10K 1% 3950 Waterproof Probe