QC2.0 QC3.0 4V 28V Electrical Scam Power Trigger LCD Digital USB Detector Tester Voltage Current Meter Electrical Voltage Meters

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Technical Parameters

Measuring voltage range: 4V~28V (more than 34V permanent damage). Error: ±0.1%

Measuring current range: 40mA~5A Error: ±0.1%

Support mode: normal mode, QC2.0 5V \9V\12V (3A max) QC3.0 4V~12V (5V 3Amax\9V 2Amax \12V 1.5Amax)

Weight: 16g (net weight) 28g (including packaging)

Size: 80 × 30 × 10mm (product) 94 × 41 × 21mm (package)

Key Description: “trigger” key: mode switch, “-” key: decrement, + key: increment: long press “trigger” key to return to normal mode; short press “trigger” key to trigger fast charge and carry out QC2.0 and QC3. 0 switch.

Data saving: Save the trigger type when power is off, and restore the status of the last trigger type when the power is turned on next time.

Note: Fast charge trigger must be used together with an adapter with fast charge function, otherwise it can only be used as a normal current voltmeter.

Package include:

1 x QC2.0 QC3.0 LCD Electronic Scam USB Detector 4V-28V 40mA-5A Voltage Current Meter Tester